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produce, all the way.

bra mat


but preferably with a twist.


Mindre och bättre kött, mer och roligare grönt.

Restaurang Backfickan


Welcome to Backfickan!

Vår egen korv

Backfickan is the name of our restaurant. The name is a Swedish pun, and it doesn't translate very well. Our food does that

better, we hope. typically, we serve Lapland food with a modern twist. Elk, reindeer, trout, arctic char,  white fish, cloudberries, chanterelles - you will find all the local Lapland specialties on our menu. Not always or all at the same time, but they will be there.

Make a reservation: +4695410420.

Welcome to restaraurant Backfickan!

Our philosophy for food

We are totally out of fashion. We cook like people used to, the original way. It is becoming fashionable, and trendy, but we really do not care. We will keep doing what we do, fashion or not.  It is about showing respect for produce and craftsmanship, about trying to get the best out of the things we get locally, rather than importing something that is easy to impress with. This way, we think our food gets better, and it is certainly more friendly for the environment.

We are everything but trendy, and our focus is high quality and as local as possible. That might in some cases mean fish form the lake just outside the restaurant windows. Nordic Cooking, you might call it. 




There are more to choose from, when it comes to drinks, than anyone really needs. That makes it difficult. So we tried to keep it simple. Wine from France and Italy, beer from local brewers and Swedish classics. 

Our wine list varies as we find new interesting products over time, but it is always based on a few reliable favourites. This includes softdrinks (non alcoholic) from our local producer (within 150 metres!), Fjälldricka, made from crowberries and meadowsweet. 

But, as a matter of fact, we think our local tap water beats everything. It is the best.

As for aperitifs, avec, digestifs: just ask, we keep quite a large stock.

Enjoy you meal, and your drinks!


We have varying opening hours throughout the year. If you are staying with us, you can always have dinner here.

We are not always open to the public with a full menu, though.

We are also, of course, always available for reservations for groups, meetings, conferences, parties, weddings and the likes! Contact us for more information regarding special events.

Right now, we serve an evening special to our hotel guests as below:

Monday 6 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday 6 pm - 8 pm
Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm
Thursday 6 pm - 8 pm
Friday 6 pm - 8 pm
Saturday 6 pm - 8 pm
Sunday 6 pm - 8 pm
Restaurant Backfickan
Östra Strandvägen 16
[email protected]


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