Just go on and do it.

Do not forget to combine work with activities that create shared memories. The power of experiences that are shared is enormous. Spend a few hours doing things together, have fun,l augh. It might be the best investment ever made. We have many alternative activities for you. Just go on and do it.



We think the snow is an asset. The ice, the cold and the darkness as well. They make you understand it is winter for real and they make it possible to engage in all sorts of really interesting activities. Outdoor, of course - that is where the magic happens. 

Bygg en igloo

Som examples of winter activities:

  • Alpine skiing, we can provide instructors
  • Cross country skiing, we can provide instructor
  • Snow mobile, maybe with fishing and a lunch out
  • Driving your own dogsled
  • Heli-skiing on some of the best mountains in Sweden
  • Snowshoeing
  • Build an igloo (and stay the night, perhaps?)
  • Team challenges of different kinds, physical or intellectual or both




Båt på sjön

Outside, of course. On the mountian, or by the river or perhaps in the forest. To experience the light and bright summer nights in Lapland is extraordinary, and hard to beat. Some examples of summer activities:

  • Fishing, we have great places aruond the village
  • Team challenges of different kinds, physical or intelectual or both
  • Hiking, to make it a bit more competitive we can throw in a quiz along the way
  • Heli-walking: fly out, walk home. It goes woithout saying you will beseeing the area from above.
  • Hunt for berries or mushroom, our neighbourhood is blessed with both
  • Biking: road, mountain, path
  • Canoeing on the lake
  • Trail running
  • Summiting one or more of the beautiful mountains


Welcome to an active stay here with your group!